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Mauritius Ambassador's speech at the 8th Anniversary Celebration of Aiyakang World Bird Action &his 60 Birthday Reception

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Master Aiyakang,

High Officials from the  Chinese Government,

Respected Buddhist  Monk,

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends ,

I am so happy and honoured to be here in the beautiful city of Xichang , a place

Usually known as the eternal Spring..we can truly testify that it's real.

Thank you for this kind invitation..Congratulations to the organisation which has taken meticulous care, pampering us for our wellbeing since we arrived..Thank you Marissa.


Mauritius is home to unique wildlife and biodiversity, particularly endemic species.  This is largely due to its age, isolation and volcanic origins.  


The island has only a few mammals, such as two distinct species of fruit bat, the Mauritius Flying Fox and Rodrigues Flying fox.  However, the bird and reptilian species display an incredible variety across the country.


In fact, the high level of endemic and species diversity per unit by area has resulted in the Mascarenes being identified as a Centre of Plant Diversity by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).


There are over 100 bird species with Albatrosses, Petrels, Tropicbirds, Herons, Flamingos, Eagles, Kestrels, Falcons, Pheasants, Pratincoles and Terns among them.  


Included in this array is the endemic and endangered Mauritius Kestrel, Parakeet, Cuckoo-shrike, Bulbul, White-Eye, Fody and the Rodrigues Brush Warbler.  


Reptilian species also flourish and the worlds only remaining wild giant tortoise species, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, can be found on the island in reserves.  Sadly, the Domed and Saddle-backed Giant Tortoises that were once native to the island have gone extinct due to human interference.

爬行类物种也蓬勃发展,世界上仅存的野生巨龟物种阿尔达布拉巨龟(Aldebra giant tortoise)可以在岛上的保护区中找到。不幸的是,岛上曾经土生土长的圆顶和马鞍背巨龟由于人类的干扰而灭绝。

My Government has offered a couple of the Aldabra Giant Tortoises to the Chinese government  ,they can be visited in Qingdao...These Tortoises can live up to more than 400 Years..


The country is particularly famous for the extinction of the Dodo.


Yes dear friends, I realized that most Chinese know the Dodo bird but don't know its history, that the Dodo could only be found on the Island of Mauritius


This is only the most famed example, but the island has also lost other species to extinction, like the Red Rail and the Blue Parrot, not to mention many plant species.


This history of lossis one that is actively trying to be corrected by environmentalists and conservation efforts.


Here I would like to pay a real tribute to Master Aiyakang for his life  dedication  so much energy  and effort to educate, bring awareness about the importance of birds as a strong link to preseve life on our planet .Birds plays such an important role to the good health of our ecosystem.


Political and Government decision can greatly contribute to  bring back nature, restoring the environment. I witnessed the great leadership of the Chinese government to the speed natural habitat has been restored in many places around China..where once there was much pollution..now the air is pure again...Beijing,Shanghai, Guizhou, reforestation ....

But there is still a lot to be done...



But I really trust the discipline and fast  decisions that only Chinese government and people can show to the world how to do it..


The Mauritian Wildlife Foundationfor example, is an NGO that is working tirelessly to both preserve what remains of the unique biodiversity as well as re-introduce a number of endangered species.


 Although ambitious, innovative and dedicated work is being done to ensure these projects become realities.  The aim of all conservation workers is to recreate lost ecosystems and restore forests.


Building public awareness is one of the most important parts of these efforts, as many harmful human practices and thoughtless action threatens vulnerable species.


The Colibri one of the smallest bird story can be a source of inspiration...

"While the forest was burning,  all animals were running away...the Colibri took some water in its beak and try to put out the fire ,

the big bear asked the Colibri to stop that he is too small and cannot do anything..the Colibri replied, I am doing my part...




In April 2018, visiting members of WorkingAbroad alongside the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation raised a Life Cairn memorial outside the Ile des Aigrettes visitor centre to pay tribute to and to raise awareness about the species that have gone extinct (and those who are now under threat)

20184月,毛里求斯野生动物基金会(Mauritian Wildlife Foundation)和“海外工作”(Working Abroad)的来访成员在艾格雷茨岛(Ile des Aigrettes)游客中心外建立了一座“生命凯恩”纪念馆,以纪念已经灭绝的物种(以及那些现在面临威胁的物种),并提高人们对这些物种的认识

 The hope is that it will continue to grow and contribute to raising awareness for the locals and all visitors of the vulnerability of valuable species and the responsibility of humans.


In Mauritius, we believe  that  all elements of nature  ...everything is connected,




and while much focus is given to terrestrial animals and ecosystems, marine biodiversity is similarly important.  Coral reefs are a specific attraction of the small island.


They are complex with differently shaped corals forming ecological niches and they act as a vital habitat, and nursery, for marine species.


 They also protect against erosion as well as storm and wave damage.  36 Genera and 90 species of hard corals have been recorded in the waters of Mauritius and growth rates of coral colonies vary from 0.5 cm 7 cm per annum.


Monitoring, cleaning, regrowing and building community support are a crucial part of this work and is what will make the difference in saving the habitat.


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